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At ESHTE we have a motto: "We teach to innovate and innovate to teach". We must add the word 'welcome' to this top-level training maxim inserted in a dynamic inherent in the Hospitality industry. For nearly a decade, ESHTE has been welcoming international students and also sending its 'diplomats' to the four corners of the world, whether through its internships, community programs or exchange agreements.

Proof that success has guided ESHTE International's action is the growing number of students we send, but also that of young people who, increasingly, decide to come and study with us. They start out as foreign visitors, but soon become members of the ESHTE family and at the time of farewell,  they understand the cultural meaning of the word 'Saudade'.

For you, for the first time, you enter our website, the invitation is: prepare your bags and participate in this great adventure of internationalization in Portugal!



Service for the operationalization of international relations, in particular those related to higher education networks, research and transnational professionals, which is integrated as a partner.

Coordination, monitoring and support for initiatives in the internationalization of education, research and service provision, in particular in the framework of ESHTE academic cooperation and mobility.


Operational objectives

To coordinate and support cooperation relations and actions in the internationalization of education and the consequent academic mobility;

Collect and process information on cooperation programs and initiatives and academic mobility, as well as  their funding and administrative procedures;

Disseminate, promote, support, execute and internally monitor all initiatives within its scope of action;

Establish contacts with similar bodies, national or foreign;

Promote, support, execute and monitor the mobility of students, teaching and non-teaching staff;

To play the role of liaison office with the international networks to which ESHTE is a member.



In accordance with Article 87 (1) (i) of the ESHTE Statutes, the Office of Mobility and International Relations is composed of a hierarchical structure composed of a Cabinet officer, program coordinators and dedicated technical staff.


Office, program coordinators and dedicated technical staff:



Nuno Ricardo Dias |


Technical services

Erasmus+ Mobility for Outgoing Studies

Teresa Oliveira |


Erasmus+ Mobility for studies Incoming | Students, Teachers and non-Teachers

Maria de Jesus Perdigão |


Erasmus+ Mobility for Internships

Cláudia Pena |


Portuguese Language and Culture Course | Portuguese Language and Culture Course (PLCC) - 2017/2018:

Course Organization: maria.jesus@eshte


Contacts and Hours of Service

General Email |


School of Hospitality and Tourism of Estoril

Office of Mobility and International Relations

Av. Condes de Barcelona, ​​nº808

2769-510 Estoril



Telephone General: +351 210 040 700

Fax: +351210040719

Locker: # 47


Godfather / Godmother International Letter - International Godfather / Godmother

Maria Jesus Perdigão | maria.jesus@eshte

Tel: +351 210 040 743


Office Hours

1. Attendance hours during classes | Students (see academic year calendar)


Monday- 15h00 - 17h00

Tuesday- 10h00-12h00 / 15h00-17h00

Wednesday- 10h00-12h00

Thursday- 10h00-12h00 / 15h00-17h00

Friday - 15h30 - 17h00.


2. Attendance hours during class breaks | Students (see academic year calendar)


Monday - 15h00 - 17h00

Tuesday- 10h00-12h00 / 15h00-17h00

Thursday - 10h00-12h00 / 15h00-17h00

Friday - 15h30 - 17h00



More information and forms available on the intranet dedicated to the Erasmus Program


MOBILIDADE BRASIL (Under the Protocols in Force)

Maria de Jesus Perdigão | maria.jesus@eshte


ESHTE, through the exchange protocols signed with similar universities in Brazil, allows the mobility of some of its students for a period of one semester.

The academic program to be fulfilled by the students in this mobility should be in accordance with the curriculum grid approved in Scientific Council and that resulted from a previous analysis of the curricula of the different courses taught in the partner HEIs.


Partner Schools

UCS | University of Caxias do Sul

Canela, South Africa



UNISUL | University of Southern Santa Catarina

Florianópolis, Santa Catarina



FACHA | Integrated Colleges Hélio Alonzo

Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro






Study Scholarship for Italian Language

Every year the Dante Alighieri School in Castelraimondo, in the Le Marche Region, Italy, offers 10 scholarships for ESHTE students who want to spend 4 weeks near Camerino to take intensive courses in Italian language and culture.

The referred scholarships assist the selected students to finance part of this course, which also includes various social activities, guided cultural visits, as well as accommodation in a double room.

Those interested will have to pay for their travel, personal expenses and the rest of the tuition for the Italian course.

The operation of this training offer to our students consists of a close collaboration between ESHTE international and the scientific area of ​​Other Languages ​​and Foreign Cultures, coordinated by Prof. Doctor Miguel Brito.


Partner School in Camerino

Scuola Dante Alighieri

Via E. Mattei, 69

62022 Castelraimondo





Maria de Jesus Perdigão | maria.jesus@eshte



This mobility is intended for ESHTE students who wish to attend a semester of the 2nd or 3rd year of the Licenciatura course at the partner school in Macao: IFT Macau

  • How long does mobility last?

One semester (from February to May)

  • Is there a scholarship?


  • Are the Fees paid at ESHTE or at the Destination Institution?

They are paid at ESHTE under normal student status.

  • Which Curricular Units can be attended?

The choice of Curricular Units should be made jointly with the Course Director and subject to approval by ESHTE Scientific Technical Council, taking into account that the number of ects to be realized must be equal to those that would be realized if it continued in ESHTE.

  • How and where is the Evaluation carried out?

The evaluation of the curricular units is done at the Institution where they are attended, and later they are ratified in the ESHTE according to the Table of equivalences agreed between the Institutions of Higher Education.

  • How to apply?

Contact the operational officer ( who will provide you with all the necessary forms for this application.




2016/2017 Competition




Maria de Jesus Perdigão |


What is?

The Vasco da Gama Program started as a National Initiative, originated in the CCISP (Coordinating Council of the Polytechnic Institutes), which allows the mobility of students between public national polytechnic institutions of higher education  (mainland Portuguese and Islands).

Students who wish to participate in this program may take a period of mobility in any National Polytechnic Institute, studies for a period of six months to one academic year.

Students interested in participating must complete and submit a Application Form and a Study Program in the International Relations Office, duly signed by the entities indicated in the latter document.

The fact that an institution integrates the Vasco da Gama program does not oblige it to receive students from another institution. This mobility is always on time, verified on a case-by-case basis and depends on the availability of the receiving institution.

This program does not have any financial support beyond that which the student already benefits through the NAS.

Beginning of mobility: they can benefit from this mobility as of the second semester of each academic year.