Hotel Management

The Masters Degree in Hotel Management aims at providing adequate training in the scope of hotel management in accordance with new demands in business models and processes. 
Target Population
• Holders of a 1st Cycle Degree diploma in management, economics, business management or tourism.
• Holders of a 1st Cycle Degree diploma, or an equivalent degree awarded by a foreign higher education institution according to the principles of the Bologna declaration.
• Holders of an academic degree diploma awarded by a foreign higher education institution that is recognised as equivalent to a 1st Cycle Degree by ESHTE’s Scientific and Technical Council.
• Tourism and hospitality professionals, entrepreneurs and candidates who seek to undertake training in this area. Should the candidate be a holder of a 1st Cycle Degree diploma, he/she will complete the specialisation course; otherwise, he/she will complete the advanced training course. Both courses run simultaneously with the Masters Degree. 
In the new hospitality context, this programme aims at providing students with skills in hotel management, planning, quality, innovation and competitiveness. It will further enable the development of key competences in relevant areas in hospitality such as holistic marketing (information, commercialisation and promotion), the reinforcement of knowledge about the market and its demands (networks), the ability to bring innovation into processes, products and business and organisation models, and the analysis of strategic partnerships in financial management, in managing people, in F&B, in customer relations and in strengthening strategic thinking.
This programme corresponds to 120 ECTS, with mandatory and optional units. Students who successfully complete the 120 ECTS of the programme are awarded with a Masters Degree diploma, while students who successfully complete the first year of the programme (60 ECTS) are awarded with a postgraduate certificate.
Assessment in each of the units is individual and may consist of written individual or group assignments, oral presentations and/or other assessment items, following a 0-20 grading scale. The successful completion of each unit corresponds to a grade equal to or higher than 10.
Application and Selection
Applications are analysed and selected by the Coordinating and Executive Committee, according to the following criteria: 
i) Average grade obtained in the 1st Cycle Degree or in postgraduate courses, advanced training or equivalent courses; 
ii) The applicant’s curriculum vitæ (academic, scientific and technical aspects);
iii) Motivation letter;
iv) Individual interview, if applicable. 
Preference given to ESHTE’s alummi (1st Cycle Degrees; postgraduate courses and advanced training courses or similar) and to professionals in the boards of companies and public entities with more than two years of experience, up to 30% of the vacancies available. 
Schedule (2015/2016) 
• 1st semester – Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays | 20h00 to 23h50
• 2nd semester – Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and some Thursdays | 20h00 to 23h50