Tourism Information's Decorative Art's visit to MNAA

In the scope of the History of the Decorative Art’s subject of the Tourism Information course, the recent years have witnessed regular visits to collections directly linked to the subject’s contents.

The close contact between students and the exhibition cores of the Ricardo Espírito Santo Silva Foundation, the National Glazed Tiles Museum and the Ancient Art Museum (MNAA) is pivotal for the awareness of the pieces displayed and the evolution of the disparate Portuguese decorative arts (from goldsmithery to ceramics, and from furniture to the textile production).

The subject’s teacher and course’s director wish to thank the excellent hosting conducted by MNAA last May 9th. Students were granted the chance to observe the result of the restoration works conducted on the Marqueses de Belas’ crèche, which also counted on ESHTE’s contribution. One thanks the hosting and guided tour performed by Adelaide Lopes and Conceição Ribeiro, specialised staff members of MNAA.

One takes the opportunity to again call everyone’s attention to join the crowdfunding campaign that will lead to the restoration of the Albertas Chapel of said museum. We can all be patrons, indeed.



Margarida Soares

Teacher of the History of Decorative Arts

Cristina Carvalho

Director of the Tourism Information degree